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Dave Sutherland

Dave earned a B.Sc. in Geodetic Engineering from the University of Calgary and spent over 25 years in the surveying and mapping industry working throughout the US and internationally. In addition to geodetic control surveys, mapping and cadastral surveys, and industrial and tunneling surveys, Dave assisted with research in deformation monitoring, LIDAR-based mapping systems, GPS-assisted aerial photography, and vehicle-based inventory mapping systems. Dave provides technical support for EcoMetrics and has attended short courses on stream and wetland assessment, monitoring, and restoration. He is currently garnering as much knowledge as his brain can absorb from the other members of the EcoMetrics team.

Mark Beardsley, M.S.

Mark's experience is grounded in a diverse educational and practical background. He holds B.S. degrees in chemistry and biology, an M.S. in ecology, and supplemental studies in environmental philosophy, along with more than 20 years hands-on field experience as a stream, riparian and wetlands scientist.

Jessica Doran

Jessica attended University of Denver where she earned a B.S.in Biology. After college she worked on several wildlife research projects before focusing on riparian ecology and hydrology with EcoMetrics. This position has provided the perfect combination for her interest in scientific research and a lifelong passion and respect for rivers. With EcoMetrics, Jessica assists with site assessments, stream project development, design and implantation, designing field studies and monitoring stream and wetland projects.  Education, field training and years of studying riparian systems have provided her with a wide foundation of experience and knowledge.

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