Site Assessment​

From basic level one remote reconnaissance to the most detailed level three quantitative field tests, EcoMetrics' site assessments combine the best scientific data to determine existing functional condition and the potential for improvement of stream and wetland habitats. Our assessments focus on the causes of environmental degradation to identify which aspects can be practically treated.  We are expert in all the latest functional assessment methods and co-developers of Colorado's new FACWet and FACStream protocols.


We monitor all aspects of stream, riparian, and wetland habitats including hydrology, geomorphology, physicochemistry, vegetation, and other biota to track condition and trends or to evaluate the effectiveness of restoration.  Quantitative parameters are measured using rigorous scientific techniques to test specific hypotheses and the efficacy of restoration treatments against objective success criteria.  EcoMetrics developed a new model for post-project appraisal to track effectiveness of stream restoration efforts in Park County, and we've put that model to use on dozens of stream and wetland restoration and mitigation projects throughout central Colorado.

Restoration Planning

Most watersheds have places where relatively small, focused restoration or protection measures can yield large returns in habitat or ecological quality.  In other places, huge investments in elaborate and expensive channel engineering may realize minimal systemic benefit. Our assessments are designed to help environmental planners identify the best and most efficient opportunities to garner ecological lift in ways that make the best use of limited resources. We work with various federal, state, and local government agencies, land trusts, and landowners to develop comprehensive watershed plans and restoration strategies.  

Watershed and Landscape Inventories
Watershed and landscape inventories provide a scientific foundation for watershed, land, and water management plans as well as an objective way to prioritize restoration and protection efforts. Studies may focus on specific water resource interests, water quality and pollution concerns, erosion and sedimentation, habitat quality, or on combinations of these and other multiple objectives. Products include maps and GIS layers that quantify existing resource conditions, specific areas of concern, and priority opportunities within a watershed or landscape context.

Stream and Wetland Restoration

EcoMetrics and our partners offer complete design-build stream and wetland restoration services. We believe that true restoration is the reestablishment of self-sustaining resilient systems that are capable of evolving naturally with time. We offer project guidance to develop honest expectations of what your particular site is capable of supporting and what kinds of treatments and management would be required to bring it there. Our approach to restoration and the treatments we employ focus on the support of natural physical and ecological processes, and our methods are grounded in a thorough understanding of local reference systems.  Over the past decade, we have carefully monitored the effectiveness of hundreds of various treatment types applied on dozens of different projects. In designing a site-specific restoration plan, we are able to put this body of knowledge to work by selecting time-proven treatments to meet the needs of your site.

Mitigation and Permitting
EcoMetrics and our partners are uniquely qualified to handle your needs for compensatory stream and wetland mitigation and permitting. We've taken a lead role in developing Colorado's mitigation protocols and crafting the practical tools used by the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers for administering the Clean Water Act. EcoMetrics is developing and monitoring several stream and wetland mitigation banks in Colorado.