South Park Fish Tracking Study: 2013 - 2014 Summary Report
This report provides some initial observations on trout migration and habitat selection on the Middle Fork South Platte River in South Park including some of the many challenges we had to overcome in adapting RFID technologies to track trout.

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Monitoring Summer Water Temperature Stress on South Park Streams 
Despite their high elevation, summer stream temperature stress is prevalent on South Park streams.  This study shows results of stream temperature monitoring from 2011 - 2014. Temperatures frequently exceed both acute and chronic standards for coldwater fisheries on reaches lower in the watershed. 

South Park Dry Up
Presentation: 2015 Rocky Mountain Stream Restoration Conference

This presentation explores how South Park riparian area and wetlands have been dried up due to land uses over it's short 200-year history.  Restoring wetland habitats and stream function is possible but may require some creative thinking and new approaches.

Effectiveness of Trout Habitat Improvement on C-Type Streams:  Lessons From NCD Projects in South Park
Presentation: 2014 River Restoration Conference 

In the early 2000s, stream improvement efforts in South Park generally used "natural channel design" and artificial structures to stabilize and create habitat on meandering C-type streams. We measured specific parameters for common objectives of W/D ratio, bank erosion, woody vegetation, pool area, and overhead cover and compared before-after condition of restoration reaches to the range of natural variability.

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