FACStream: A New Functional Assessment Method for Colorado Streams
Presentation: 2014 Sustaining Colorado Watershed Conference

FACStream is a new functional assessment method developed for use in Colorado's compensatory mitigation program. The ten FACStream state variables represent the component parts of a stream's natural infrastructure that combine to give an holistic rating of overall functional condition, or health. Rather than focusing on any one function or small group of functions, the method is designed to rate the ability of the reach to perform its entire suite of characteristic functions. Presented with Dr. Brad Johnson, CSU

FACStream 1.0 Data Sheets

New for 2016 - Functional Assessment of Colorado Streams

Automated Excel datasheets available here.​

FACStream: A Forensic  Method for Assessing Streams in Colorado
Presentation: 2015 River Restoration Northwest 

FACStream is a method for assessing functional condition of streams.  It is a framework that incorporates data from any one of the three EPA assessment levels (recon, rapid, or intensive) and a structured approach that guides the evaluator to best professional judgment. The approach exactly parallels the diagnostic process that doctors use in assessing patient health.

EcoMetrics' Mark Beardsley and Jessica Doran are co-authors along with Dr. Brad Johnson of CSU on this wetlands assessment method.  FACWet was developed in a collaborative effort involving Colorado Department of Transportation, Colorado State University, EcoMetrics, LLC, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  It is primarily designed to address the regulatory community’s need for functional assessment in administration of the Clean Water Act in Colorado, including pre-project assessment, mitigation planning, and post-project evaluation.

FACStream 1.0 Manual

New for 2016 - Functional Assessment of Colorado Streams

Manual available here.

Beavers, Backhoes, and Boreas Creek: Restoring Wetland Function in

Cucumber Gulch Preserve
Presentation: 2014 Colorado Open Space Alliance Conference

This presentation describes how the problems of Cucumber Gulch were diagnosed using FACWet. FACWet also provided a framework for designing treatments, making a prognosis, and follow-up monitoring to evaluate effectiveness of restoration efforts.  Presented with Scott Reid, Town of Breckenridge.  

Functional Assessment

Compensatory Mitigation Innovations in Colorado:

Functional Units, Stream Assessment and Mitigation Crediting
Presentation: 2015 Society of Wetland Scientists, Rocky Mountain Chapter Annual Meeting 

An overview of recent innovations for compensatory mitigation in Colorado including methods for quantifying ecological lift, credits and debits using functional units. Presented with Dr. Brad Johnson, CSU

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